Many times patients don’t distinguish between the hospice staff and the DME technicians; we are truly an extension of you!

As our technicians enter the homes of your patients, we take great care in our professionalism and conduct. We understand this is a difficult time for families, and our technicians’ sensitivity training differentiates us from all other companies…Every Patient, Every Time!

We do our part so that you can focus your undivided attention on the care of your patients.

1. Hiring the Best

We only hire the most capable and compassionate new members to our team. We screen for five key core strengths:

  1. Cognitive Ability
  2. Motivation
  3. Integrity
  4. Personality
  5. Empathy – Palliative Care Potential

We utilize the advanced Wonderlic™ program to test for these strengths.


Once we’ve hired the most capable technicians, we equip them with our Compassionate Foundations Training™.

You can expect our Patient Care Technicians to be…

  • Technical and Logistical Training – We utilize dmetrain™ which is a leading training program for DME/HME companies. Rest assured our training is compliant with industry regulations.
  • Communicative – We leverage technology to keep the lines of communication open, whether it be a driver adding a note from the field or calling the ordering nurse directly, we will stay in contact with your staff.
  • Prepared – It takes a special person to work in hospice. Our staff undergoes specialized sensitivity training that was developed specifically for Hospice Source by nationally renowned hospice chaplain, Rev. Dr. Carla Cheatham. This advanced program ensures every interaction with your patients and their families embodies our Culture of Compassion.

We utilize dmetrain™ to educate, test, and track upon hire and annually.

III. Support and Accountability

Hospice Source Technicians are acknowledged for going the extra mile. They are given a bonus for every compliment they receive from a patient family and your hospice staff.

Our technicians are able to put patients first because the Hospice Source logistics team is working behind the scenes. They ensure the right equipment and routing plan so that your equipment is delivered clean, functioning, and on time.

Our Customer Care Center allows for easy documentation of compliments and concerns.

Hospice Source Logo

The Driver’s Creed

I understand: that every patient and family that I serve is under distress and is emotionally fragile; my actions today will provide a life enhancing opportunity for them.

My purpose: for this day is to make the end days of someone’s life and their loved ones more comfortable by treating them as my own family.

I will conduct: myself with the utmost respect for the patient and the families that I serve, making every action today from first to last with the patient, their family, and their hospice professional in mind.

I will make sure: that every patient is served to the very best of my ability by going above and beyond to help the patient and their family.

I understand: that communication with the family is of utmost importance, and that my being there for them in a timely manner is critical to the care of my patient.

I am dedicated: not only to my job, but in the service of those who depend on me to aid them at life’s end.