Carrollton, TX

Hospice Source, a leading national provider of Durable Medical Equipment to hospice patients, is seeking an experienced Data Architect Engineer to join our growing organization. Come be a part of a great team as we work to continue our mission of providing compassionate care to every patient, every time.

What You’ll Do:

  • Design, construct, install, test and maintain data management systems.
  • Build high-performance algorithms, predictive models, and prototypes.
  • Ensure that all systems meet the business/company requirements as well as industry practices.
  • Integrate up-and-coming data management and software engineering technologies into existing data structures.
  • Develop set processes for data mining, data modeling, and data production.
  • Create custom software components and analytics applications.
  • Research new uses for existing data.
  • Employ an array of technological languages and tools to connect systems together.
  • Collaborate with members of your team (eg, data architects, the IT team, data scientists) on the project’s goals.
  • Install/update disaster recovery procedures.
  • Recommend different ways to constantly improve data reliability and quality.
  • Federate, Encrypt and secure PHI data in a healthcare environment for HIPAA Compliance
  • Model cost effective high availability databases in a hosted cloud environment using the latest methodologies 3NF 4NF 5NF Star…
  • Leverage Cloud technology tooling and best practice for data governance, security, analysis.(Azure/AWS/GoogleCloud/SnowFlake).
  • Data lake , Data Vault 2.0, data movement knowledge and implementation.
  • Other duties may be assigned

What You Will Bring:

  • Self-starter with some expertise in data systems (learning, adapting, and bringing excellence and experience to task)
  • Ability to optimize workflows, understand data flow, requirements for a logistics, supply-chain, delivery ecosystem.
  • Detail oriented with an eye to optimization of existing systems and bringing state-of-the-art solutions.
  • Understand excel and how to bring excel workflows into a more automated process.
  • 2-4 years of experience with cloud data.
  • 5+ years of SQL knowledge

Job Type: Full-time

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