The Cost of Inaction

Experiencing problems with your current DME but having a hard time making a change? It could be costing you more than you think.

The Hidden Costs of Staying with the Wrong DME Provider

You lose time.

DME should just work…every patient every time, in the background without you driving the process.

You lose focus. 

Instead of focusing on patient care you exert energy every day managing your DME, you have enough on your plate, you don’t need to wear yet another hat.

You lose patient care excellence.

DME is an extension of hospice. Their service standards and care directly affect patient/family satisfaction levels. Does your DME hold to the same standards you do?

You lose money.

If only one patient switches off your service due to your existing DME Provider or chooses another Hospice Provider due to a poor service reputation, that equates to a potential loss in revenue of $4,500 a month. If that patient were to be on your service for 3 months that totals $13,500 in lost revenue.

The Headache

  • You don’t know when the equipment is there because you don’t get real time updates.
  • Equipment delivered late or not at all.
  • Pickups not happening timely or on the weekends.
  • Bad first impressions from drivers.
  • All too often fielding complaints about a driver and they are not even on your staff.
  • Equipment failure because DME cost cutting means they use equipment well past it’s life cycle.

Fact: Hospice Source provides DME that is clean and new.

Interested in an Upgrade?

We’ve designed our industry-leading Partner Launch Program to ensure a smooth transition process from your previous DME vendor to Hospice Source.